About Doublewick Candles

Doublewick started with a small but bold vision – to create candles that look the best, feel the best and most importantly – smell the best. We pull our scents from the more adventurous side of life. Goodbye Fresh Linen, hello Tropical Twist.

Doublewick is a candle company based in the heart of Norfolk making candles which we believe are a cut above the rest.

Why settle for normal when you can experience the scents of Paradise Beach – fill your home with top notes of Coconut, Vanilla and Almond. Fix up a Piña Colada, close your eyes and find yourself on the beaches of Barbados.

Or go a little more sophisticated and delve into the wonders of our Pink Champagne candle. Treat your dinner guests to something with a little more romance and fizz.

Why “Doublewick”?

It’s quite simply really, our candles are double wicked! We pop two wicks into our candles for one very important reason, no more tunnelling. Quite a simple solution really but we hate to see candles that just burn right down the middle leaving wax all around the sides. You’ve paid for a candle and only used half.

There’s only one exception with our name! Smaller candles do not need two wicks purely based on the fact that the heat from one wick is enough to burn the whole candle.

Tell me more!

Well, if you insist!

As a future forward company we’re continuously coming up with new ideas and fresh scents to try. We’re expecting to expand our original double wicked range exponentially along with new collections and styles for every home.

We’re always interested to hear your ideas so if you’ve got a scent that you love but you just can’t find – why not email us at sales@doublewick.co.uk.