Candle Care

Trim your wick

With a wick trimmer cut your wicks to keep it tidy and stop it smoking more than usual. We’d recommend you trim your wick to roughly 3mm after every burn.

Allow wax to melt to a pool

To avoid tunnelling you should always allow the wax to melt into a pool right to the edges. Our double wicks will help you achieve this every time.

Protect your surfaces

You can put your candle upon the bamboo lid to prevent any heat damage to the surface below.

Snuff the flame

With a candle snuffer you can starve the flame. This will prevent you having to blow the wicks causing excessive smoke and possible mess.

1cm left rule

When a candle reaches just about 1cm from the bottom it’s time to discard the candle. But don’t worry, you can always pick another up!